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The choir performs up to 8 times a year, but our potential in this respect is much bigger. Therefore if you find our profile interesting, if you find the samples of our music intriguging, if you are tempted to invite us to your town or festival, if you are not sure where to spend the money you unexpectedly won in a bet, do not hesitate to contact us because we are able to solve all these problems! We like to perform in new places, meet new people and other ensembles and due to the lack of sponsors we have also not recorded an album yet. We will gladly send you additional info about the choir including the references of our superior qualities!
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Mixed choir Sonaglio has been working since April 1987. Since then it has changed its name several times, the rehearsal room and one time even its director.

Sonaglio started because there was a large number of grown members of the children’s choir Rolnicka lead by Karel Virgler. He did not want to part with his singers although their age caused troubles in the children’s choir and that is why he founded a mixed choir.

The first Sonaglio consisted of some 6 boys and 11 girls with their ages ranging from 16 to 20. Gradually the number grew up to 25 members. The core repertoir composed mostly of popular gospels, folk songs and simple renaissance music, sang in three voices as a result of the lack of men’s voices (this has not been a rare situation). Over the years the repertoir has changed but the genre has remained more or less the same up to the present.

If you are interested in further and detailed information (including many photos) about Sonaglio in the years of 1987—1991 go to www.spika.cz/sonaglio/ or Petr Bernat (Czech).

In January 1993 Karel Virgler handed over the directorship to Eva Pavelková (Eva Kvěchová then), who has been leading it since.

Each year Sonaglio organizes 6—8 concerts mostly in Prague, occasionally in other towns. Presently, the choir’s repertoir contains about 40 pieces, especially Renaissance songs, folk songs and gospels but also songs by current Czech composers. One of our most frequent co-performers is the folk band Grandis formed by some of Sonaglio’s present and past members. Sognalio also cooperates with choirs lead by Libor Sládek (for example mixed choir Cantamus) and occassionally with the children’s choir Rolnička.

In august 2007 Sonaglio recorded its first album Jarní ("Spring album") which was christened on 9.6.2007 in The hussite church at Vinohrady, Prague, during the concert on the occasion of 20th choir`s anniversary. At this concert Sonaglio performed together with Karel Virgler`s choir called SmiRol.

Currently the choir rehearses once a week in the rehearsal room of the children’s choir Rolnicka, which has been generously provided by Karel Virgler. Sonaglio would like to use this space to thank him for it. Moreover, every year the choir organises four rehearsal weekends in Slabce near Rakovník.

Some of our members also yearly participate in singers’ festival Bohemia Cantat in Havlíckuv Brod and they traditionally perform the Christmas Mass by Jan Jakub Ryba. They also represent an important part of the so called Provisional Choir lead by Libor Sládek. In 1997 this choir was the first in the Czech Republic to perform a rock oratorium Eversmiling Liberty by Danish composers Jens Johansen and Erling Kullberg.